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The Corner of East and Dreams

by Joan Connor

Published by Running Wild Press; available January 8, 2024

Genre: literary short stories
A collection of nineteen stories which are off-kilter in some way. The stories include re-tellings — Cassie Bunyan’s Yarn which gives a voice to Paul Bunyan’s wife; The Lion’s Honey which narrates the Biblical story of Samson and Delilah from the point-of-view of Samson’s savaged lock; The Missing Days of E.A.P. which imagines itself into the interstices of Poe’s mysterious death; The Unnaming, a metafictional reversal of the Edenic myth; and The Devil in Decline in which a defanged Satan speaks for himself. Aesthetically, the tales range from the social-realistic to cross-genre, from the comic to the somber, from the credible to the fully fantastic of I Married Yeti, from naturalist to fabulist – making every story a surprise.

About the Author

Joan Connor is a former professor at Ohio University, Fairfield University’s MFA Program, and the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast Program. She has published four collections of short fiction and one of personal essays. She is the recipient of an AWP award in short fiction, the Leapfrog Press award for adult fiction, the River Teeth award in nonfiction, a Pushcart Prize, and individual artists award from the Ohio Arts council.

ISBN (pbk) 9781955062268
ISBN (ebook) 9781955062275

Far Out

by Khaled Talib

Published by RIZE Press; Available January 8, 2024

Genres: Thriller/Mystery


Hollywood movie star Goldie Saint Helen comes out of a coma after a car accident with an altered identity. She now believes she is a hippie detective living in the Sixties, hired to find a missing teenage girl who is about to end up a guinea pig in a CIA drug experiment. Goldie also thinks screenwriter Blake Deco, her husband, is an intern at her detective agency. For the time being, Blake plays along as advised by the hospital until she recovers her memory. However, sinister plotters think it is better that Goldie does not wake up from her fantasy– and they have their reasons. The couple finds themselves embroiled in a dangerous situation. Blake must use his past military skills as he raced against the clock to save his wife before she loses her mind forever.

About the Author
Khaled Talib’s books have received reviews in Publishers Weekly and international newspapers. Born and raised in Singapore, the author is also a member of the International Thriller Writers. Before he started writing thrillers, Khaled was a magazine journalist and public relations consultant. You can visit him online at

“Screenwriter Blake Deco’s life is upended when his Hollywood movie-star wife, Goldie Saint Helen, comes out of a coma after a car accident with a makeshift identity. Her lawyers see her condition as an opportunity to swindle her. Far Out is a standalone thriller but the key characters were recast from another novel, Gun Kiss.” –Maryse’s Book Blog.
“I found this book to be an entertaining light read, perfect for offering a bit of escapism.” –LoveReading.

ISBN (pbk) 9781955062923

ISBN (epub) 9781955062930

Serpents of Eden by RW Goldsmith

Published by Running Wild Press; Available January 8, 2024

Genres: Fantasy/Paranormal/Horror


Clay Middleton has made a career as a wilderness artist with his paintings of the American southwest. His remote desert journeys have also earned him the reputation of a deranged man who is best avoided. The reputation suits him, however, as other than for his immediate family, he prefers the company of cacti, coyotes, and sidewinders to the company of man. His idyllic life comes to an end when his wife dies, and his daughter abandons her son to his care. He believes things cannot get worse. He is wrong. His grandson is kidnapped by three supernatural beings, and Clay alone possesses the means to rescue the boy. But to do so, he must endure the incessant chatter of a young paranormal investigator as they pursue the kidnappers across alternate post-apocalyptic Earths in a race against the countdown to universal destruction.

Paperback ISBN: 9781955062763

eBook ISBN: 9781955062794

About the Author

R W Goldsmith began writing in the mid-90s when the California wild-west re-enactment troupe he performed with needed a scriptwriter. After a decade and a half of award-winning skits, he tried his hand at writing science fiction, fantasy, and horror and has been at it ever since. He currently lives in Missouri overlooking The Lake of The Ozarks with his wife Crystie and their two cats, two ferrets, and one dog.

Thirteen Tunnels by Suzanne Samples

Published by Running Wild Press; Available January 8, 2024

Genre: memoir


On September 17, 2022, the literary world, indeed the whole world, lost a unique voice with the passing of Suzanne ” Hammer” Samples. Her final journey began in 2017 with a brain tumor diagnosis. She chronicled her struggles and triumphs even as she worked through post-surgery rehab including regaining the loss of arm and hand function. Suzanne’s rare courage and candor gave us a brutally honest and unflinching view of her life. Though she ” nagged” her editor and publisher to get her first book into print before she died, Suzanne outlived her prognosis. The memoir, ” Frontal Matter: Glue Gone Wild” went on to be named among the best books of 2019 by Kirkus Reviews and sent Suzanne on a phenomenal book tour where she wowed listeners with her experiences, stellar personality and dark wit. She continued on to write two sequels, ” Stargazing in Solitude” published to acclaim in 2021, and the ” 13 Tunnels”, even as she returned to teaching and started a literary magazine. Her trilogy offers insight, comfort, and understanding to the patients, caregivers, and loved ones dealing with this and similar devastating diagnoses.

About the Author

Suzanne taught English at Appalachian State University and received a Ph.D. in Victorian Literature from Auburn University. She won the 2020 Prime Number Magazine Award for Short Fiction. Her memoir Frontal Matter: Glue Gone Wild, available from Running Wild Press, received a starred review from Kirkus and was named a Best Book of 2019. Suzanne bravely detailed her life with brain cancer in The Frontal Matter Trilogy (Running Wild Press, LA) which includes, Frontal Matter, Stargazing in Solitude, and her latest Thirteen Tunnels.

Paperback ISBN: 9781955062855

eBook ISBN: 9781955062848

This Then Is What Counts by HJ Brennan

Published by Running Wild Press; Available January 22, 2024

Genre: mystery/romance


“This Then Is What Counts” renders an unlikely, contemporary couple bound in love and forced into a tragic odyssey. James is thirty-something and emotionally adrift when he encounters a tall, heroic and deserted June. They work and sweat side-by-side on a historic construction project in the forest along the Chesapeake. Their mutual passion is lit, June’s secrets are revealed, and love and life are threatened. Twenty-five years later, James is alone. He reflects on that short time he and June shared. It seems like yesterday, and she was bigger than life and the only love he’s known. It was a physical year of working with their hands and enjoying their bodies, and they took hold of those days and swung them over their heads. When June’s troubled past showed up, she laid out her options: “I either fight hard, run hard, or I’m screwed.” They ran. As James tells the story in his darkly comic and unsettled retirement, a mystery builds as to why he’s alone when his memories of that single year with June present such a wide-screen love.

About the Author

H J Brennan’s many gigs include musician, hospital orderly, barn builder, bartender, inner-city teacher and creative director. Raised along a river in Pennsylvania’s Rust Belt, he attended Kutztown, Temple and Stanford universities. He has motorcycled many of The West’s two-lane blacktops and lives in Northern California with his wife and their big-clown-of-a-dog, Lucy. ” This Then Is What Counts” is his second novel. Visit:

Paperback ISBN: 9781960018038

eBook ISBN: 1960018035

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Before You Met Me by Agatha Sicil

Published by RIZE Press; Available January 22, 2024

Genre: memoir poetry


Most people have skeletons in their closet and go through the motions of life meeting new people who are unaware of their past experiences. As a result, a person has more than one life to tell. The purpose of this book is to open the reader’ s eyes that the person whom they refer to as their friend, colleague, in-law, or neighbor, is not who they really say they are but their previous interactions begin to make sense.

“With an unflinching voice, Agatha Sicil uses her remarkable firsthand survivor’s account to help readers better understsand the trauma of childhood abuse — and how reckoning with it in an effort to cauterize the wound can have unexpected results. This therapeutic memoir shows the power in reclaiming one’s own vulnerability — and the hope that it allowed to thrive as a result.” — Brendan Dabkowski, Senior Editor

About the Author

Agatha Sicil was born in New York City. She is a graduate of Pace University, and received her M.A. from Mercy College before returning to Pace University where she received an M.A.T.. She is a full-time special education teacher and a part-time writer. Agatha is the author of many works including “Burn,” the prologue to her creative nonfiction piece, “Before You Met Me.” She lives in the New England region with her husband and children.

You can visit Agatha Sicil at and follow her on Twitter @agathasicil and on Instagram @read_agathasicil

Paperback ISBN: 9781955062695

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Obsidian Waste by Rudolfo A. Serna

Published by RIZE Press; Available January 3, 2024

Genre: psychedelic dark fantasy


Obsidian Waste is a psychedelic dark fantasy space odyssey born out of a mysterious technology transmitted from a universal mind that takes root and grows as the Earth is reseeded by the new technology. Growing and inhabiting all those receiving the message of Peace and Love as remnants of their mother world disappear in budding forests and fields, resisting the plagues and radiation that finished off what once was once under control of Earth’s tyrants and their governments. A poetic journey grounded in the harsh echoes of modern society, seeking hope, a utopia that could not exist without its reflection, as bodies are split and joined in the psi-tronic mixing boards of the seers. What was once called “human” seeking eternity in the heart/mind of giant animal ships filled with biomechanical hybrids striving to survive without the anger that destroyed Earth’s dream.

About the Author

Born under the nuclear shadow of Los Alamos National Laboratories and raised in the orchards, mountains, and fields of northern New Mexico. Rudolfo A. Serna is a writer and educator with a penchant for ‘ 70s horror B-movies, psychedelic doom metal, and permaculture. A writer of short stories, novels, and poetry, he lives with his wife and daughter in Albuquerque, NM.

Paperback ISBN: 9781955062909

ebook ISBN: 1955062900