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CURE by Kali Metis

This story blends historical fiction, dark fiction/horror, magical realism in new and inventive ways. Thoroughly researched, it combines the history of the Birke, the most famous female Viking warrior, with the mythos of Lycanthropes (shapeshifters), with America’s modern day inner city to create a new world and modern legends, enriching the shapeshifting legendary tales.

CURE by Kali Metis is a howling romp that seamlessly blends various voices, genres, and time periods without losing its effortless style. An amalgam of myth, historical fiction, romance, folklore, and horror, Metis cooks delicious conflict into every page as her main character, Luna Auber, bakes cupcakes by day but shifts into something slightly more sinister by night. Fans will surely hope this is the initial book of a series because CURE is worth reading by moonlight and sinking one’s teeth into.” –Suzanne Samples, author of Frontal Matter and Stargazing in Solitude

Paperback ISBN: 9781955062312

eBook ISBN: 9781955062329

ANTLERS OF BONE by Taylor Sowden

Lily, an ex-ballerina, struggles to distinguish fantasy from reality. After a disastrous incident shatters her already ruptured family life, she is sent to Meadowlark – a top new-age mental intuition. It is there that she is forced to face the demon that has been haunting her all of her life – the monster she has been running from. She journeys through the surrealistic landscape of her own mind and must decide, once and for all, if her own life is worth fighting for.

Paperback ISBN: 9781947041967

eBook ISBN: 9781955062008


Passion. Horror. Betrayal. From the national bestselling author of the Lily Wong thriller series comes a “stunningly original” (F. Paul Wilson) dark journey into Brazilian mysticism about a desperate mother who rises from the slums to embrace Quimbanda magic amid her quest for the ultimate revenge. 

Starred Publishers Weekly Review

One of the most anticipated books of May 2022 according to

Paperback ISBN: 978-1955062084

eBook ISBN: 9781955062015

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Steadfast Genesis and defiant Isaiah are content on their famed grandfather’s ranch nestled against the Rocky Mountains. When a mysterious new preacher arrives, called Leader by his congregation, the foundation of their legacy is shaken. Their pious mother, wooed by Leader’s commanding presence, becomes a devout member of his fold, pulling the sisters into Leader’s reach. While the Depression puts pressure on the ranch, Leader’s prosperity only grows. But his “church” is more than it appears. Once Genesis discovers his true intentions, she must fight to keep her ranch—and her sister—out of Leader’s grasp.

Galloway has “reinvented the Western Saga” — Foreword Reviews

“A riveting tale of impressive siblings battling oppression.” — Kirkus Reviews

ISBN (pbk) 978-1-955062-60-2
ISBN (ebook) 978-1-955062-55-8

DELIVERY by Tomas Hulick Baiza

All Daniel Corriente wants is to escape his past and be “normal,” but as he enters his senior year in college, he must face the past traumas that have made him who he is. During his journey, Dani will find himself at the intersections of seemingly conflicting identities—Mexican/Chicano/Anglo, thug/intellectual, straight/queer, loner/friend. Along the way, Dani will begin to weave toward clarity with the help of a therapist, feuding mentors, an elitist boss, a persistent drug addict, a former love, and an old woman obsessed with his character flaws and the pizzas with extra green peppers. If he has any hope of finding himself, Dani must ultimately answer the question posed by one of his customers—a question that haunts him at every turn:

¿Qué tipo de persona quieres ser? What kind of person do you want to be?

Paperback ISBN: 9781955062244

eBook ISBN: 9781955062251

“Engaging debut dares us to ask what kind of person we really want to be.” —Xochitl Gonzalez, Author of Olga Dies Dreaming

“A wonderfully quirky and impressively self-assured debut!” —Jonathan Evison, Author of Lawn Boy and Small World

SHOCKING PINK by Stuart Canterbury

In a hilarious blow by blow account of what goes on behind the scenes of X-rated movie production, Shocking Pink provides a riveting glimpse of the colorful characters and outrageous situations in a veiled and fascinating world where sex, money, entertainment and celebrity connect in a billion-dollar global industry.

Adult movie producer, Travis Lazar, is a man who will always do the right thing – when he has exhausted all other possibilities. Tiffany West, the hottest porn star in Los Angeles, is hell for him to handle.

When Travis is nominated at the bombastic annual awards in Las Vegas, the ceremony is full of unexpected twists, which propel Travis and Tiffany on a collision course.

In this romp through the day-to-day life of a porn producer, the savvy dealmaker has to deal with volatile Middle Eastern executives, mutiny by members of the crew, starstruck starlets, rival producers, angry moguls, the mob, the Vice Squad, the FBI, two court cases (one civil, one criminal) as well as the Diva herself and, along the way, engineer the takeover of the biggest studio in the industry.

Just when you thought everything had been stripped bare, Shocking Pink is a lively page-turner that reveals more than you could possibly imagine.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-955062-57-2
eBook ISBN: 978-1-955062-56-5